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Wire Hoop Earrings

A simple earring such as the wire hoop earring can give a simple basis of fashion to any women or girl. They offer a frame for the face that is not overwhelming and brings attention to the natural beauty of each individual. This having been said the simple wire hoop is not so very simple. Your choices range from a simple wire hoop to the wire hoop with amazing embellishments such as characters like dolphins on the hoops or gems and diamonds on the hoops. The hoops come in yellow gold, white gold and of course sterling silver. They are easy to put on and even easier to wear during for long periods of time as they are light in weight. The hoop itself can come in a flat hoop, round hoop or a diamond cut hoop. This changes the look of the hoop to be more detailed and reflect light differently.

14K White Gold 1.5x12mm Round Hoops $35.12 14K White Gold Diamond Cut 1.75x60mm Hoops $353.33 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut 1.50x30mm Hoops $225.78
14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut 1.50x45mm Hoops $304.28 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Cut 1.50x15mm Hoops $106.16 14K White Gold 1.25x10mm Wire Hoops $26.12
14K Gold Wire Diamond Cut Butterfly Hoop Earrings $42.18   

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